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Empowering Change: Reflecting on the WSU Mthatha Research Day with Women RISE

Written by Zipho Xego

Stepping into the vibrant atmosphere of the Mthatha Campus Research and Innovation Day on November 2, 2023, the Women RISE team embarked on a journey of knowledge sharing and collaboration. This pivotal event provided an invaluable platform for researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and postgraduate students. The occasion served as an opportunity to showcase diverse research discoveries, innovative projects, and creative achievements dedicated to addressing a myriad of development issues affecting both local communities in South Africa and the broader African continent.


Women RISE Researchers at Mthatha Research Day (Anelitha Tukela, Aneza Madini, Thandokazi Silosini, Bonelwa Nogqaza, Anelisa Ndamasa, Kamva Miza and Leslie Bank) (Taken: November 2023)

During the event, the Women RISE researchers presented on a wide array of topics, showcasing the breadth and depth of our ongoing research project. Of particular note was the keen interest expressed by the Dean, who dedicated a significant portion of his time discussing the Women RISE project. His excitement and endorsement for the project, as well as acknowledgment of the progress made, added a commendable level of support and validation to our team's endeavours.

WSU Mthatha Research Day opening celebration and welcome (Taken: November 2023)

Moreover, the researchers had the chance to interact and network with other seasoned professionals in the field. This provided a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange and feedback on our ongoing work. This engagement with peers and receiving of constructive criticism will undoubtedly contribute to the refinement and enhancement of our research initiatives.

Thandokazi Silosini presenting on a panel at the WSU research day (Taken: November 2023)

The Mthatha Campus Research and Innovation Day proved to be a catalytic event, opening doors for potential collaborations and partnerships. The positive response received, especially from the Dean, has not only fuelled our enthusiasm but has also increased the visibility of the Women Rise project within the academic community. As we move forward, we plan to leverage the momentum gained from this event to propel our research to greater heights. The encouraging feedback received serves as both motivation and validation for the Women Rise team, reinforcing our commitment to making a meaningful impact on the development issues we are dedicated to addressing. We express our gratitude to the organisers and participants at WSU for creating an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and collaboration.

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